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Yangzhou Centre and Residence

Yangzhou Centre and Residence is located in Shuangdong Historic District, one of the top ten famous streets in China ? Originated from Dongguan ancient ferry, the historic district is the earliest salt merchant settlement and prosperous traditional business district in Yangzhou history. It is also the best preserved ancient street in Yangzhou. The hotel is only separated from Geyuan, one of the four major gardens in China. There are many cultural attractions around, such as the ancient canal, the ancient city of Dongguan, and so on. All the scenery reflects the local cultural customs of Yangzhou.
It is a cultural relic protection building. It was built by Li Hesheng's Yipu in the early Republic of China, Hua Youmei's Huashi garden in the late Qing Dynasty and the early Republic of China, Ma Yue Lu and Ma Yue Lu from Qimen, Anhui Province, who were called 'two horses of Yangzhou' during the KangQian and Qianlong periods. They built the jienan bookstore in Yangzhou, and four ancient houses and other courtyards in the general's mansion of Li Changle in the Qing Dynasty, It is a boutique hotel with historical style, traditional characteristics, original ecology and fashion leisure.
It is invested and built by Yangzhou Mingcheng Construction Co., Ltd. All staff of the hotel will wholeheartedly provide guests at home and abroad with comfortable but not luxurious, warm but not publicity services.

Breakfast price: CNY98($14.6) / person
Breakfast type: Buffet


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Yangzhou Centre and Residence
Tel: +86-514-87993333
Add.: 357 Dongguan Street, by the South Gate of Geyuan